just wanted to say that your smtown 90s children post is literally the most beautiful post i've ever seen on tumblr. it must have taken you such a long time, but every single gif was so pretty. you really captured all of their attractiveness ;) can't wait to see more of your posts on tumblr! :D

Haha it took me a little longer than I thought it would’ve.. mainly because I didn’t know which video cuts to use. But thank you so much for dropping such a nice message 

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spe-q said:
I love ur blog~ ♥ For /post/96269048837, Is possible with 80-89 line ?

Thank you ♥ I probably will when I get the chance to! But I get the feeling most of the 1980s idols were born in 1989 haha

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Anonymous said:
Hi! Your 90s babies page lists Joy as being born in 2014 instead of 1996! Just letting you know :D

Hahaha omg why do I keep doing that orz fixed it, thanks! :)

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140727 IU after I’m A Man recording
cr: moonlight


秋色ギンガム ばさっとブラウス



kinda wanna dye my hair kinda wanna die in general


Sehun - 140831 Guangzhou Airport, departing for Incheon

Credit: EXOYeah. (광저우공항 출국)

Shine on me 

Let it shine on me

140831 exoxm90: who was it that said… together, we are ‘50’